Any disruption in performance will cost the business a good amount of money. So, making sure ERP performance is up to the mark is essential for business continuity. Blockchain is a secure, digitally linked ledger that eliminates cost and vulnerability introduced by parties like banks, regulatory bodies and other intermediaries. Developers are using blockchain ledgers and open source Hyperledger technology to build new types of secure transactional and financial applications that can free capital and accelerate business processes. If the decision is to build, an important initial consideration is to get buy-in from key participants and ensure that they communicate and collaborate on the project. Collaborators include sponsors, users, developers, even customers and business partners outside of the organization.

custom enterprise software development

Today, various application software types are available to suit every need and purpose. Picking the right application software for your personal use or business can significantly impact you. Often requires lower upfront costs and is typically offered as a subscription service. The platform provides exceptional tenant service and creates a better living.

Multi-Platform ERP for Easy Access

Smooth and cost-effective integration with the necessary systems, including legacy software. Solution allowing you to keep a track of all the customer activities within a single digital custom software development space. Modernization services including consultation, software re-engineering, and cloud migration. Unravel unique insights on our technological know-how and thought leadership.

  • The first key to an effective custom software development project is making sure that custom software is truly needed, as opposed to buying a packaged solution — and there is good reason to be sure.
  • Consider it a clean piece of paper where you can draw anything to your heart’s content.
  • NoSQL or non-relational databases likely better fit complex data infrastructures because they allow data storage in various easily manageable formats like JSON files.
  • The final software is then released and checked for deployment issues, if any.
  • Our service offer includes putting together scattered apps to achieve business process continuity, data integrity and barrier-free collaboration.

Having an expertise in managing complex high-priority projects and an in-house Project Management Office , we can accurately estimate project costs and delivery time. ISO certified security management based on well-established policies and processes, advanced security techs, and skilled professionals. Functionality for automating customer order management, planning data-driven marketing campaigns, communicating with the customers and getting visibility into the sales dynamics. Proactive advice about your company’s operations in relation to custom software options. One software can address all of your pain points, so you don’t need to buy and integrate several solutions to deal with all the different aspects of your business operations.


Hence, you can fill out our form below to discuss your ideas and business needs with our experts and get an accurate time estimate for your project well in advance. A thorough testing plan is a must for any enterprise software development project. Your development team should help to advise what types of testing will be necessary for your particular software development project. There are many ERP software solutions on the market such as Oracle NetSuite and SAP Business One. To help you get started with your own custom enterprise software development project, we’ve included our best 7 tips for success below.

custom enterprise software development

Our enterprise software development services have helped world-leading brands accelerate digital initiatives, maximize growth, and become more agile. After the discovery phase, you will be all set to develop a custom solution. Use our Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud solutions to make your business environment flexible, scalable, and connected. Use our expertise in enterprise application development to move your mobile strategy to the cloud. Durapid always keeps track of new technologies to deliver advanced enterprise software solutions. The latest tech give you many crucial benefits, from the highest level of security with blockchain — to reliable automation with Artificial Intelligence based algorithms like machine learning.

Your Trusted Outsourcing Partner

Microservices have shot up in popularity in recent years as they save considerable time in complex systems development and maintenance. There’s a wealth of enterprise software out there but you might find it doesn’t suit your business needs. It has some features you’ll never use, while others you desperately need are missing. Scaled Agile Framework provides a way to scale agile methodology to a larger organization such as a global development team. Rapid application development is a non-linear approach that condenses design and code construction into one interconnected step.

custom enterprise software development

Manage requirements efficiently to reduce development costs and time to market. Nationwide worked with IBM to support its agile transformation and enable a DevOps approach to application development across its distributed and mainframe environments. The result was a 50 percent improvement in code quality over three years. Create and manage tasks, set deadlines, collaborate easily, and stay on track for your projects with custom project management software.

Deployment and integration

With the rapid development of technology, it is important to follow trends in order to create a truly relevant product that will best meet the needs of business owners and their customers. Depending on the company’s specifics, software creation will be based on the customer’s individual requirements. Nevertheless, there are also those standard processes that most organizations perform.

custom enterprise software development

Since 2009, Savvycom has been harnessing the power of Digital Technologies that support business’ growth across the variety of industries. We can help you to build high-quality software solutions and products as well as deliver a wide range of related professional services. The costs of ERP development can range from $20,000 to $250,000 depending on the number of departments using the system and the functionalities the ERP system will deliver.

Custom Software Development

Frequent mergers and acquisitions leave enterprises with a wide variety of uncoordinated software solutions. Our experts will help you consolidate, integrate, and refactor your enterprise software as necessary, moving them to modern software stacks and cloud hosting. You will streamline IT operations, minimize costs, and increase employee efficiency.

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